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Kiltlifter – Four Peaks Brewery – Tempe, AZ          6% ABV          21 IBU


Kiltlifter is a full bodied ale with a strong carmel roasted barley flavor, has an amber color, malty sweetness and a hint of smokiness with a clean, dry finish. – A true Scottish ale.

8th Street ale – Four Peaks Brewery – Tempe, AZ          4.7% ABV          21 IBU

English bitters are known for their balance of malt, hop flavors and aroma. Ironically, it is not at all bitter. We use all English hops for authenticity in our two time WBC bronze medal and two time GABF silver medal winner.

 Sunbru – Four Peaks Brewery – Tempe, AZ          5.2% ABV          17.3 IBU

 Goes down easy & has a soft, dry finish with a low but balanced bitterness & a light to medium body with a very delicate flavor.

Hefeweizen – Four Peaks Brewery – Tempe, AZ          5.1% ABV          13 IBU

It’s an Unfiltered Bavarian style Hefeweizen. Our Bavarian Ale malty wheat flavor comes from the use of 51% wheat malt & has a very low bitterness. Our versions yeast brings forth a flavor & an aroma reminiscent of cloves & banana. NO LEMON OR ORANGE NEEDED!!

Peach Ale – Four Peaks Brewery – Tempe, AZ          4.2% ABV          9 IBU

Our Peach ale has a subtle sweet flavor & aroma, while maintaining a light body & color.

Oatmeal Stout – Four Peaks Brewery – Tempe, AZ          5.2% ABV          25 IBU

Our stout is different from an Irish stout in its subtle roastiness & subdued dryness, this beer finishes thick, chocolate & very creamy.

Hop Knot IPA – Four Peaks Brewery – Tempe, AZ     6.7% ABV      47 IBU


American malt & hops crafted with a bold, pioneering American spirit. Hop Knot gets its name from weaving five different hops introduced at five separate intervals during the brewing process, including our cavernous hop-back – which gets stuffed with whole leaf hops. Hop knot is the color of a golden ale, but carries the bitterness of a line pale ale & the hop aroma of an IPA.

Deep Canyon Amber – Thunder Canyon Brewery – Tucson, AZ          4.8% ABV

A medium – bodied ale with a balanced carmel & roasted character.                                                                                                                                     

Good Vibes – Thunder Canyon Brewery – Tucson, AZ          7.2% ABV – 50 IBU

A medium – bodied ale with assertive hop bitterness. Thunder Canyon’s session IPA.

Liquid Amber – Prescott Brewery Co. – Prescott, AZ          4.3% ABV

A medium bodied ale with a malty caramel flavor & little hop character. Very smooth & flavorful.

Lost Highway Black IPA – Mother Road Brewery Co. – Flagstaff, AZ          8% ABV          100 IBU

A robust imperial IPA that balances the malt characteristics which finishes with roast & coffee flavors from the black patent malt. This big, balanced beer drinks smoothly.

Gold Road – Mother Road Brewery  Co. – Flagstaff, AZ               4.3% ABV              19 IBU

Gold Road is light in color, light in alcohol, but has an approachable maltiness with a dry & slightly fruity finish.
IPA – Dragoon Brewing Co.  – Tucson, AZ            7.3% ABV                      85 IBU
This is a true West Coast IPA – its pale in color, with bracing bitterness, high alcohol content & a fruity/floral/citrus hop aroma. It’s made from a simple malt bill: North American base & pale caramel malt.

Full Moon Belgium White Ale – Mudshark Brewery – Lake Havasu, AZ          8.55% ABV

Brewed in the traditional style with orange peel & coriander. The hazy orange hue is due to the large amounts of malted & un-malted wheat, & true to style it is unfiltered leaving a smooth full-bodied palate that perfectly balances the high ABV.

Copperhead – Barrio Brewery – Tucson, AZ          6.1% ABV

This American pale has a great, slightly sweet malt character balanced by a great hop character. Its beautiful copper color inspired its name. It is medium to full-bodied. Bitterness is medium with medium flavor & aroma hoppy. Finish is dry & clean.

Nut Brown Ale – Oak Creek Brewery – Sedona, AZ        5.5% ABV              IBU

This northern Arizona favorite has a consistent nutty flavor with just a hint of spice in its depths. A slowly emerging bitterness crops up along the way & is unobtrusively incorporated into the smooth flow. It finishes with a gentle nuttiness & spiciness.
Ask your Server or Bartender about our Specialty beer on tap this month!!   Domestic Bottles: Bud light, Budweiser, Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra, Coors Light. Import Bottles: Dos XX Lager, Corona   Wines: Cabernet Sauvignon (2009), Merlot (2008), Chardonnay (2012) – Alias -   California Winery Pinot Grigio (2013) – Della Venezie - Italian Winery Moscato (2011) – Zante’ - California Winery   MARGARITAS: Frozen Strawberry Margarita – Made with Jose Cuervo Gold House margarita – Made with 3 Amigo Plata Tequila – We have two styles of mix for our house Margaritas Buzz Gatoridas – We use Lime Gatorade to give it a smooth & light mix without the tartness or bitterness. Traditional margarita sour mix.   A full line of liquor is also available. Ask your server for our selection.
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