• Sliced pizza, cocktail on the side
  • Mixed salad with smoked meat and vegetables, glass of red wine on the side
  • Sandwiches and fries, glass of red wine on the side
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About us

Monsoons Tap & Grill was 14 years in the making. A seed was planted back in 2000 while we were enjoying a nice evening out.

The owners: Adam & Kari Romero and Daniel Liebeskind were employed with a local pizza company but always talked about owning their own place. Of course, it was just conversation because all had jobs that they were good at. In 2012, they found themselves in position to finally do it.

A little background on the owners: Danny and Adam have been in the restaurant business for 29 and 25 years respectively. Starting at the “bottom” of the restaurant chain and moving up to their final position as Corporate Officers for the pizza company. They have worked in a variety of ethnic cuisines: American, Mexican, French, and Italian as cooks and as management. Adam also opened a new Bistro on the east side of Tucson. Kari, has “back of the house” and administrative knowledge. She was the head prep cook at the pizza chain and trained all the other prep cooks throughout the company to ensure consistency. She was with the pizza chain for 13 years and also helped Adam open up the Bistro.

One cool winter’s day, they found themselves again on the same patio enjoying the evening. Again, they began to talk about opening a restaurant. Why not, what else were they doing?

That was the inception of Monsoons Tap & Grill. Although, the name hadn’t been born yet.

The concept and food were the first things they thought of with the menu being easier to conceive. It was hard to come up with a concept without a name. So they decided to brainstorm. Many different names came and went without an agreement in sight. Then suddenly Monsoons Tap & Grill was shouted out. They all thought in unison and, with a big smile, said, “Yeah, that’s the one.”

The concept came easy after that. An all Arizona theme: Motif and craft beers. Adam, Kari, and Danny all wanted a place where people could go and enjoy great home cooked food. They call it comfort food, the kind mom used to make. They also decided on the best draft beer from around the state. There are staples from 4 Peaks Brewery in Tempe and Thunder Canyon Brewery in Tucson. There are also rotating taps so the customers could enjoy other beers from Prescott, Lake Havasu, Sedona, and Flagstaff, and other Breweries in Tucson.

A location on the northwest side was found and groundwork began. A lot of hard work went into creating the restaurant. It had to be exactly right. They wanted a place where their patrons could be proud to go. They wanted to be the “Cheers” of Tucson “Where everyone knows your name.” It was a great show and a great concept. They put it 14 big screen T.V.’s so everyone could enjoy any and every game they wanted to watch. They call themselves a Sports Restaurant. They plan on being here for a long time and want to thank all of their new friends for stopping by. They hope to make adventure.many more new friends as the years roll on.